About the MAC

Fechada MAC

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) is the only Museum of Contemporary Art that exists in Panama. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) as well as a non profit organization that exists on the personal contributions.

Our mission is to be the spearhead of the visual arts in the acquisition, conservation, investigation and disclosure of the arts of the Latin-American continent, with emphasis on the nation of Panama. We are also focused on recovering our artistic patrimony and promoting it through the spiritual and sensory experience gained from the personal contact with the Art one encounters in the Museum. Finally we would like to achieve a sensitizing of people of all ages, with emphasis on the children, through an informal education in Art.

We offer activities for all the ages: 

The Museum of Contemporary Art is much more than a Collection of Art; it is a place for everyone to enjoy, to learn and to investigate art in general and to investigate Panamanian art especially. 

  • Permanent Collection Exhibitions
  • Temporary National and International Exhibitions
  • Tour guides for groups or schools
  • Didactic Workshops
  • Graphical Workshops
  • Drawing and Painting Classes
  • Workshops for private and public school students.
  • Chats, conferences, guided visits and seminars on art history and appreciation.
  • A library of art
  • Files for the potential investors
  • The Store:  The basement of the MAC which has books, catalogues, silk-screens, engravings, etc.
  • Framing Workshop

The group responsible for the Museum is its board of directors which are governed by Statutes and Regulations. This group consists of one President, seven Directors and five consultants, all of which are assisted from time to time by the Patrons. These are groups of former-directors or individuals interested in supporting and carrying out the mission of the Museum. The General Assembly is called every other year to elect the board of directors and has the legal authority to reform the Statutes. The curatorial functions are carried out by the Technical Counsel, which are an autonomous group of experts and specialists on the history and the development of art. The new works that enter to form part of the Permanent Collection have to include their approval. The same thing applies to the selection of the expositions that are carried out in the Museum.
(To see Board of Directors y ex-Presidents...)

The Administration of the museum is carried out by an Executive Director with the aid of a Director of Development and a Curator with an assembly team. One of the most important things is the department of Education in Art which carries out workshops and courses for children and adults. (To see Administration and Personal).
(To see Administration and Personal).

The Museum is a private organization that is maintained thanks to the aid of businesses both small and corporate as well as those who have a deep admiration for art. Their sponsorship supports the museum yearly. The museum has covenants with the Department of Education and the National Institute of Culture which share their interest in the educational mission. The group of Volunteers, although incipient , will not stop being an important group to carry out many of the works that help the Museum function.